Con Dao historic monuments

Con Dao, a hidden mystery and interesting archipelago to the travelers because this is a new tourist attraction in Vietnam. Con Dao is well known with wild beaches and historic monuments such as prisons’ system, Hang Duong Graveyard. Below are famous historic monuments:

Revolutionary Museum

revolutionary museum condao

Located on Ton Duc Thang street, Revolutionary Museum is a necessary stop for any travelers. This is the place to buy your admission tickets as well as a valuable source of background information.

In addition to the chilling stories of imperialist conquest and local resistance, a row of photographs allows you to match pictures to the heroic names.

Phu Hai Prison

phu hai prison

Phu Hai prison is the primary prison in the area, this monument to the torturous occupation of the French comes with chilling exhibits and a ghastly look into the treatment of Vietnamese political prisoners. In a few of the chambers, mannequins are set up in the positions that locals were actually held in, giving a disturbing visual reference point to what may otherwise seem distant. Located on Nguyen Hue street, Phu Hai prison is the oldest prison camp on the Con Dao island and it still carries a heavy and disturbing air.

Phu Son Camp

con dao prision

Located on Nguyen Hue street, directly next to Phu Hai Prison, Phu Son Camp has a similar structure, but it has more individual rooms as opposed to the greater prison halls featured at the former. Inside the infamous “tiger cages”, prisoners were shackled and tortured by Camp’s guards from above, poking through grates with long bamboo sticks and throwing chemicals and other irritants down below. It is a spooky testament to the immoral ends that conflict drives men to.

Phu Binh Camp

phu binh camp

Most famously known as the American-style “tiger prison”, Phu Binh camp was originally called Camp 7 before the Paris agreement. Equipped with 9,630 detaining chambers and 504 tiger cages, this Camp is full of spine-chilling history.

Phu Binh Camp is sitting on Co Ong street.

Phu An Camp

From 1968-1973 during its running, Phu An Camp, formerly known as Camp 6 (before the Paris agreement), had a disturbing history of war, patriotism and violence. Relatively small, with only two rows of ten chambers and four cells, it is said to have one of the most brutal histories in this area.

Phu An Camp is located on Nguyen Van Cu street.

Hang Duong Graveyard

hang duong graveyard

Hang Duong Graveyard is a memorial cemetery in Con Dao – Vietnam with the remains of independence fighters and prisoners who died at the Con Dao Prison. Visit Hang Duong Graveyard to pay tribute to the famed martyrs of Vietnam’s violent past. Reading the names on the graves is like a guide to the prominent street names in cities of Vietnam, a venerable who’s who of national heroes.

Hang Duong Graveyard is sitting on Nguyen An Ninh street.

Con dao historic monuments

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